The Horrors of IVR

NewVoiceMedia (NVM) is a global tech business that develops cloud-based telephony solutions.
They have recently created a suite of products that can replace the current Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems that most companies still use – and consumers have grown to hate. Who hasn’t sat on hold for ages, while wondering if you’ve actually been cut off; or been treated like a stranger and asked the same questions over and over – even though you’ve been a customer for years; or sat tormented listening to a loop of music while being told “Your call is important to us.” All in all, IVR is a truly horrific experience.
The challenge was to highlight the failings of IVR – not the most exciting of topics – and position NVM’s products as the answer to those problems.
We decided to dramatise ‘The Horror of IVR’. We took our cues from ‘50s and ‘60s American Sci-Fi and Horror B-movies. We created a film /print / poster / direct-marketing campaign that highlighted the horrors of IVR, and provided solutions to those horrors.
In a B2B environment where most of NVM’s competitors are running ads with stock-shots of people sat at desks with head-sets on, this campaign has taken the sector and industry by storm. Who says B2B advertising can’t be creative…

Creative director, art director

April 2019

Online display, video, DM

  • Role Art Director, Creative Director

  • Date February 2019

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