Lexus GS450h DM


Front cover

GS450h Direct mail

Hybrid engines are born out of incredible technology. Which tends to be incredibly complicated.

Lexus puts a lot of effort into making all this kit vanish. Behind the hand-varnished timber dash. Under the soft leather seats. And the biggest breakthrough is a powerful electric motor you can’t even hear.

We were tempted to explain this engineering ingenuity. But then we dug deeper into the brand.

This communication was mailed to director-level business people at their place of work. In it we compared the power of this engine with the silent partner in business: you might not hear much about them, but you’d move a lot slower without them.

This analogy let us tell stories that interested our audience: the secret of America’s first female president to illustrate power, and the financial genius behind Chanel to highlight style and luxury.

  • For Lexus / Kitcatt Nohr

  • Type Direct mail to company directors

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